Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Long Term Plans

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For the last few years life has been in a kind of limbo state. I never felt I was moving forward and things were just, stuck. Besides working and exercising there was no kind of structure in place at all. As of late it's been driving me nuts especially when I try to make goals and am somehow shocked when they don't work out.

For a little over a month I've been implementing journaling into my day for weekly to do lists, daily to do lists, wish lists, blog posts, mood charts, and generally to see where I'm at during the day emotionally and mentally. It's been working for me in the sense that I'm not at a loss during the day of what needs to get done, I can dump all of my thoughts onto pages, write poems and be able to recollect what has happened over the course of time and what has helped me and what doesn't work. (It also helps that I'm a bit of a journal junkie, I LOVE pretty journals)

Now that I know its a process that works for me I want to implement it in long term plans. For example:

  • College Enrollment. A long and tedious process. The amount of work I need to get done before even starting can get a bit jumbled. Transcripts, class registration, talking to school representatives and all of the financial aid hoopla like getting grants, loans and scholarships. I need to make sure I can afford all of my tuition with financial aid.
  • Getting Healthy. One of the most important long term changes I need to make. Since going into a very bad depression for over a year I gained around 70 lbs. In my spare time I slept and ate like shit most of the time, I can admit that. What really helped me when initially losing most of the pregnancy weight was writing everything down that I ate, what work outs I did and how many reps I did, taking progress photos, and writing down a lot of research. Doing that again may help me in the long run.
  • Classes. Once starting school I'll have to keep track of my assignments, deadlines, ideas and even more research. I'm super excited to be starting school in the Spring semester but I know I'll be needing a journal with me to keep track of everything.
  • Blog Posts/Videos. I love blogging, as nerdy as that sounds to some people. Being able to write about what I want and having the possibility of receiving feedback is an amazing thing to me. I like writing my posts down in a book and working it in there before typing it up. I like writing lists of blog ideas and scheduling what will be uploaded when. In the future I want to have dedicated art posts and tutorials since that is a  subject I am really passionate about and would love to see that grow. Also, I would like to start posting videos as well about art and life and just whatever makes me excited, y'know? 

These are just a few of the long terms plans I have been writing through, there are more bouncing around my head. What are some ways you like to keep organized? Do you have any long term goals? Let me know!


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